“Dusty Rose of Tatlayoko”

#Not Registered
Born: September 12, 2016
Light Red
Dusty Rose is a little heifer. Her hip height is only 35 inches - much like a calf born last spring, even though she is 12 months older. Dusty Rose was a normal sized heifer calf born to one of our most productive cows but strangely never grew. We checked milk volume, calf ability to suck - all was well but Dusty Rose has stayed small. We won't register her therefore and sell her only to a pet home where she can be treasured and entertain. She in the barnyard and has learned to enjoy attention and treats and we can now say in all honesty she is thriving! She has really put on weight and is much calmer and content. Her blonde dossan (forelock) is very pretty and entirely natural. She loves attention including brushing, scratching and alfalfa pellets. What a sweetheart!